Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More stupid stuff people say to bartenders

This bartender rant is actually two different stories that overlap:

Part 1 - Three guys walked up to my bar last night and ordered three different draft beers--a Pacifico, an IPA and a Yuengling.  Those beers are three different colors, but I don't expect people to know that (it's relevant later).  They asked for them in that order, I poured them in that order, and then I set them down in that order, each beer directly in front of the guy that ordered it.  At that point, the first guy said "Which one is which?" as if I wouldn't remember and might've put them in the wrong place.  With a confused look on my face I pointed to each beer and said "That's the Pacifico, that's the IPA and that's the Yuengling."

Part 2 - About 30 seconds later, another guy came to the bar (he wasn't with the other three).  I asked him what he'd like, and he said "I'll have what they're having" while pointing in the direction of the other three guys.  As I said before, the beers were three different colors.  I said "Who?" hoping to give him a chance to specify, but he replied "Them" and gestured again angrily as if I was supposed to know.  At that point I probably should've poured him one of each of the three beers he was asking for, but I just gave him what the closest guy was drinking.

Something else I've experienced a lot lately is the "I can't find my waitress" scenario.  Well, did you look?  Because 99 percent of the time I can see said waitress from where I am standing.

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