Saturday, April 9, 2011

nice shoes bret

so usually i write about sports, but sometimes i like to write about fashion.  and one thing i know is you never wear brown shoes with black pants.  especially light brown tan-ish looking ones.  and especially when you're doing a feature on baseball tonight about covering second base and they keep zooming in on your feet.  the thing i don't get is how he made it on the air with them on.  aren't there like a million editors and techs and wardrobe people at espn who should have prevented this?  i think they probably could have found somebody in the building to lend him a pair of black shoes for 5 minutes. 

and if you think i'm just writing this because it's bret boone and i'm still pissed about that grand slam that ended the '03 season, it's possible.

Friday, April 8, 2011

new york and boston should never open against each other

i already complained about mlb scheduling once this week.  but again this is something that is totally illogical and makes no sense.  the home opener is automatically a big deal.  and every red sox/yankees game is also a big deal.  so why not maximize the number of games that are a big deal?  it's just a waste to combine the two.  it's like staying home and watching billy madison on usa when it's 75 degrees and sunny out.  yeah it's awesome, but maybe do that some other day when it's raining.  and while we're on the subject, they should never play each other the last series of the year either.  i know it could end up deciding the division, but then there's also the chance it'll make big games become meaningless, which is what happened last season.

oh, and i read somewhere the sox are 0-6?  nah, that can't be right.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

miami: where 1+1 = a lot less than 2

now that the regular season is almost over, there is some pretty good data to show what i hoped would be the case: lebron and wade together aren't much better than either one on their own.  the heat are 54-24, on pace to go 57-25.  last year the cleveland lebron's went 61-21.  miami last year with no bosh or lebron even went 47-35.  wade and lebron do the same thing.  they play the same way.  their games do not compliment each other at all.  if you took either one of them off this team, it still probably wins 50 games.  if you replaced one of them with a star point guard, rondo, williams, paul, nash, etc. they probably win 65 and are clear title favorites. 

also yes, i am ignoring the lebron/john henry/sox partnership story.  his mom getting arrested is funny though.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

this schwab commercial irritates the hell out of me

first, i don't get why it's a weird cartoon/computerized version of the guy talking.  and second, i HATE how he keeps saying the word "vineyard" with such distaste.  in my mind there is only one vineyard, and it is awesome.  the stupid ad has been running since last summer, why won't it go away already?!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yankee stadium doesn't appear to be a very tough ticket these days

here are a few shots from last night's game in the bronx:


the official attendance was 40,311.  I had no idea the new stadium could hold 160,000 people!

i don't think delonte called "glass"

also poor form, he's not gonna make too many of those if he keeps shooting them like chest passes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

the sox are terrible, the season is already over

so i have watched a lot of espn and read a lot of stuff online today, and one thing is very clear to me.  the red sox are obviously no good this year.  the starting pitchers give up 3.67 home runs a game on average.  you can't win that way.  even though we haven't seen beckett or dice k yet, i am sure that they will be just as bad as the other 3 guys who have pitched once already.  youk is only batting .222, he can't hit anymore.  and crawford isn't even fast like he is supposed to be, he has 0 stolen bases.  not to mention bard, the supposed closer of the future, has an era of 54.00.  how can you even play major league baseball with an era like that?!  the numbers are irrefutable.  159 more games is not enough to fix everything that's wrong with this team.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

freaking butler again?!? not possible.

ok, this is totally redundant cause i just wrote about it a few days ago.  but i feel like i have to say it again.  small schools from non-major conferences do NOT make it to the championship.  pretty much ever.  here's the previous 10 title game matchups:

north carolina vs michigan st
kansas vs memphis
florida vs ohio st
florida vs ucla
north carolina vs illinois
uconn vs georgia tech
syracuse vs kansas
maryland vs indiana
duke vs arizona
michigan st vs florida

all big schools from major conferences.  in fact, you have to go all the way back to 1979 to find anything even remotely like butler in the title game.  indiana st made it that year, but they had a guy named larry bird.  the chances of any "cinderella" small school ever getting to the final are extremely rare.  the odds against something like that happening in consecutive years are astronomical.  but the odds of it happening twice in a row to the SAME TEAM?  i literally don't even think you can calculate it.

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