Saturday, May 14, 2011

the circus is a weird thing, take 2

somehow my blog from thursday got deleted.  i'm going to try to write it again.  here's what i think i wrote:

the big apple circus is in town.  i get why the circus was cool like 100 years ago, but in today's day and age i think it's creepy and weird.  there's a giant tent pitched, and tons of people and animals living in trailers in city hall plaza.  if they stayed in hotels and performed at the garden or something, that could make sense to me.  but the fact that they are camping out right in the middle of the city disturbs me.

Friday, May 13, 2011

it's time for the starters to dominate

now that basketball season is over, this weekend in the bronx is the perfect time for the sox to stop joking around and start taking things seriously.  buchholz vs colon.  beckett vs sabathia.  lester vs garcia.  2 outta 3 should be no problem.  boston's rotation is WAY better than new york's.  i'm ready for that to start mattering.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the most optimistic way to look at the celtics right now

since i left the garden monday night i haven't really watched tv or read much online, i've tried to avoid sports news.  i'm not really sure what people are saying, but my guess is the general consensus is that miami will close it out tonight.  that may well be the case, but here's the best argument i can make for why boston may still have a chance.  one thing i have said before is that this celtics team plays their best when they are counted out.  i can't see them not putting up a huge effort tonight.  if they can somehow pull out a win in miami, there is no reson to think they couldn't win game 6 back in boston.  and if it went to a game 7 they would have all the momentum, and lebron would be having nightmares about the pressure of that game.  so there you go.  it's not what i think will happen, but there's a chance. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bad chicken

so dominos has been airing this commercial and promoting their new "improved" chicken like crazy: 

unfortunately for them, they overlooked 2 important things:

1. after you rate the chicken on the box, then what do you do with it?  save it on your mantle?  it's not a pre-paid envelope you can mail back to them, it's a cardboard box.

2. it stinks.  the pieces are tiny and soggy and basically the same thing as regular fast food chicken nuggets.

Monday, May 9, 2011

i mushed the lakers

last week i wrote this:  basically i said that despite the fact that LA would be going for it's record 18th title, i would root for them vs. miami in the finals because that's how much i despise lebron.  well, the lakers responded to my once in a lifetime show of support by not winning another game and getting swept by dallas.  wow, what happened to them?  that game last night was pathetic, they didn't even show up.  their surprisingly early exit does support another blog i wrote last month though:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

rajon rondo is not a normal human being

i was working during the game, it was on tv at the bar but there was no volume and i wasn't really able to watch.  but i perked up when i heard a guy say "rondo just broke his arm."  i watched the replay and was instantly sick to my stomach.  just like that the season was over.  and then somehow it wasn't. 

it's 5:30 am and i just finished watching the game on my dvr.  i have way too many thoughts running through my head to write about right now.  the fact that he played the whole 4th quarter with one arm blows my mind.  i'm not sure how the heat let that happen, it really shouldn't be possible for a guy to be effective in an nba game using only one hand.  i have no idea what he'll be able to do on monday, but for now it's a series again.

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