Sunday, May 8, 2011

rajon rondo is not a normal human being

i was working during the game, it was on tv at the bar but there was no volume and i wasn't really able to watch.  but i perked up when i heard a guy say "rondo just broke his arm."  i watched the replay and was instantly sick to my stomach.  just like that the season was over.  and then somehow it wasn't. 

it's 5:30 am and i just finished watching the game on my dvr.  i have way too many thoughts running through my head to write about right now.  the fact that he played the whole 4th quarter with one arm blows my mind.  i'm not sure how the heat let that happen, it really shouldn't be possible for a guy to be effective in an nba game using only one hand.  i have no idea what he'll be able to do on monday, but for now it's a series again.

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