Saturday, April 16, 2011

this is the most wide open NBA playoffs in a long time

when the nba playoff start usually there is one clear favorite, sometimes two.  but this year i think there are 5 teams all with pretty equal chances to win it all.  here's my best estimate of each teams title chances:

lakers 17%
spurs 16%
celtics 16%
bulls 16%
heat 16%
mavs 7%
thunder 7%
magic 3%
everybody else combined 2%

Friday, April 15, 2011

joe mauer on DL with "leg weakness." um, what?!

i just saw this story on sportscenter, and when i tried to look it up all i found was the same AP story all over the place:

and you really don't even need to look at it, cause you get just as good an explanation from reading my headline.  i've watched a lot of sports and heard of guys going on the injured list for a lot of reasons, but this is a new one.  and what's with the twinkies lately?  first morneau misses half a season with a concussion, and now mauer goes on the 15 day DL with shaky legs?  they need some wheaties. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

are there no squirrels in europe?

i walk to work through boston common almost every day.  and 90% of the time i see some european tourists taking pictures of squirrels.  it's like they're on a jungle safari searching for rare spider monkeys or something.  they follow them around, feed them, play with them, basically act like the squirrels are something they've never seen before.  i just don't get it.  yesterday some guy was chasing one around and it jumped up and grabbed onto his leg while he screamed and practically had a seizure.  that was something i'd never seen before.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fenway HD

went to the game last night, and for now i'm going to avoid talking about the sox cause it may be time to worry and i don't want to do that.  the new scoreboards are ridiculous though.  amazing.  they also put in new hd tv's all over the place, so you can see the game from pretty much anywhere when you leave your seats.  and they added a row of seats in front of the standing room area on the third base side.  i'm sure hardly anybody noticed that, but it used to be a walkway and people were always stopping and blocking your view.  now it's way easier to see from there.  ever since they put in that section it's been my go to spot if i don't have good seats.  you can see pretty well, and it's the best place in the park to get food, beer, and use the bathroom without waiting in line or missing anything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

heineken is one of my least favorite beers, but this commercial rules

beer in green bottles tastes skunky.  light gets through and messes up the flavor.  if you don't believe me look it up, but that's not my point.  this commercial is weird and makes no sense, but i love it.  the song is totally catchy too.  and i'm pretty sure the girl singing is avril lavigne ten years in the future.  not sure how she made it back to now, but that's definitely her.

Monday, April 11, 2011

beckett being awesome is a bigger deal than the celts getting smoked in miami

yeah, i am a little concerned about the celtics.  but i still think they have as good a shot as anyone else.  the silver lining from yesterday is that now they will be extra pumped for miami down the road.  if they'd swept the heat 4-0 in the regular season they might have taken them too lightly in the playoffs.  also if you look back over the past few years, this boston team performs way better as an underdog.  they struggled early in the '08 playoffs as heavy favorites, but dominated the lakers in the finals when people were betting against them.  then when garnett went down in '09 they overachieved and almost beat orlando.  and last year they were pretty much left for dead heading into the playoffs, but we all know what happened.  oh yeah, and the lakers looked unbeatable two weeks ago, and now they have lost 5 straight for the first time in four years.  i keep saying this, it's a LONG season.

now on to the sox.  beckett last night looked like the guy who threw a complete game shutout in yankee stadium on 3 days rest to win the world series back in '03.  i haven't seen that guy in a long time.  that's a big deal.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

scream 4? really?

second was bad, third was terrible.  and that one came out 11 years ago.  also why is this movie being released in april?  maybe wait till october?

you've got to give them credit for casting though.  bringing back divorced courtney cox and david arquette, 65 year old looking neve campbell, even heather graham.  but the real tip of the hat goes to all the young talent they recruited.  kristen bell, anna paquin, hayden panettiere, emma roberts, the girl who plays the new version of brenda on 90210, the girl from pretty little liars (yeah, i know what that is), and a few other young actresses i know i've seen in some crappy teen movies and tv shows. 

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