Monday, April 11, 2011

beckett being awesome is a bigger deal than the celts getting smoked in miami

yeah, i am a little concerned about the celtics.  but i still think they have as good a shot as anyone else.  the silver lining from yesterday is that now they will be extra pumped for miami down the road.  if they'd swept the heat 4-0 in the regular season they might have taken them too lightly in the playoffs.  also if you look back over the past few years, this boston team performs way better as an underdog.  they struggled early in the '08 playoffs as heavy favorites, but dominated the lakers in the finals when people were betting against them.  then when garnett went down in '09 they overachieved and almost beat orlando.  and last year they were pretty much left for dead heading into the playoffs, but we all know what happened.  oh yeah, and the lakers looked unbeatable two weeks ago, and now they have lost 5 straight for the first time in four years.  i keep saying this, it's a LONG season.

now on to the sox.  beckett last night looked like the guy who threw a complete game shutout in yankee stadium on 3 days rest to win the world series back in '03.  i haven't seen that guy in a long time.  that's a big deal.

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