Saturday, March 14, 2015

Break up the Celtics!

This blog is going to be very similar to the one I wrote here two days ago, as well as to what I posted on CelticsLife earlier today.  But that's OK, because the Celtics are suddenly awesome.  It doesn't seem to matter who they have on the floor (Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green got traded, Jared Sullinger went out for the year, now Isaiah Thomas is hurt and they're 3-0 without him), they just keep getting better.

For the last two months, the Indiana Pacers have been the best team in the NBA (read my article for Hoops Habit).  Tonight Boston knocked off Indiana, on the road, on the second night of back-to-back games (amazingly the Celtics are 7-1 in their last eight second halves of back-to-backs).

Boston has won four straight (and six of seven), something that hadn't happened since November 6-11, 2013.  It's also the longest current winning streak in the Eastern Conference.  At 29-36, the C's are now just half a game out of the playoffs.

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's Friday the 13th, again.

While sending an email last night, I realized that today is Friday the 13th.  And then I though "Whoa, that's weird, didn't we just have one of those?"  A few seconds later it occurred to me that last month was February, which has 28 days, which is a multiple of seven, which means that every date this month falls on the same day of the week as last month.

Was that dumb?  Blog-worthy, or not?  It seemed kind of interesting to me since I'd never thought of it before...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

If the season started Feb 2, the Celtics might be considered a contender

The Celtics are 11-6 in their last 17 games, 7-1 at home during that stretch.  They've won four of their last five against Western Conference teams, with the lone loss being a near-miss against the NBA-best Warriors.  Had they hung on in that contest, the C's would be 3-0 in recent weeks vs. the top three teams in the league (wins over Atlanta and Memphis).

Here are the Eastern Conference standings since February 2:

And across the entire NBA:

Pacers: 14-2
Warriors: 14-4
Trail Blazers: 10-4
Thunder: 12-5
Cavs: 12-5
Spurs: 10-5
Celtics: 11-6

Boston is one of the seven best teams in the league over the past five-and-a-half weeks.  How about that...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Icebergs are washing ashore on Cape Cod?! (and the beach in Boston is pretty wild right now too)

These photos are from the Outer Cape yesterday and this morning:

Right now it's 56 degrees out.  I remember my sixth-grade earth science teacher telling us that one of the biggest signs of global warming would be extreme weather patterns...


On a much smaller scale, a similar thing is also happening now in Boston.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BC Eagles' tournament run is underway! (or not)

The BC Eagles finished the regular season 13-18, with a 4-14 record in ACC conference play.  But, the beauty of college basketball is that your season isn't over until you lose your final game.

Led by 25 points, eight rebounds and five assists from Olivier Hanlan (pictured hitting the game-winner), No. 12 seed Boston College squeaked by 13th seeded Georgia Tech 66-65 this afternoon in an ACC Tournament play-in game.

I didn't think I cared until I turned it on.  College hoops in March has a way of doing that to you...

Next up for the Eagles at 2 p.m. tomorrow, fifth seed North Carolina, ranked No. 19 in the country.

Monday, March 9, 2015

I'm a fan of the new Twitter analytics

A little ways back the above image popped up in my Twitter feed.  Among other things, the "activity dashboard" shows how many people actually see each of your tweets.  And now, every tweet you send also has this awesome "view tweet activity" button on the bottom:

Here's what comes up when you click on it:

To be fair, most of my tweets don't get viewed 11,000 times, only the ones retweeted from the CelticsLife account.

In November of 2013 I wrote a blog suggesting Twitter implement something like this.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "Bad Boy" by Miami Sound Machine

I remember Bad Boy primarily because it plays during the opening credits of the 1987 film Three Men and a Baby.  The movie became super-famous after it was released on video due to the alleged "ghost" in the window (above).  At the time, it was such a big deal that we actually watched it in my middle school social studies class one day to try to solve the mystery.

I thought it was pretty creepy, but it also looked to me like a cardboard cutout.  Which is in fact, the truth (right).  Here's a video of the urban legend and its explanation, if you're curious.  Below is Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

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