Saturday, July 2, 2011

big papi get's to draft his friends for the HR derby. hmm...

MLB announced the other day that david ortiz and prince fielder are the "captains" of the HR derby, and they can ask whoever they'd like to compete.  i like the fact that baseball is trying something new in order to add interest to the event.  which brings me to two points:

first, papi should without a doubt ask manny to come back and do it.  i know that realistically there is no way it will happen, 0% chance.   but it would be amazing; must see television.  tons of people would watch just hoping to see him fail.  steriod jokes/speculation would be all the rage.  how would his interactions with the other players go?  and what if he did well?  i can think of a million reasons why it would be GREAT entertainment, which is something nobody can deny manny always brought to the table.

and second, the reason papi is a "captain" this year is because he won the thing last year.  which i had totally forgotten ever happened.  i honestly don't remember if i even watched it.  so that brings me back to my first point.  i'm pretty sure if manny was in the derby this year i would both watch and remember. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

something happened yesterday that i am kind of ashamed to admit

let me start by saying that i was on the vineyard and i had a friend staying with me.  we were out of the house all the time, and i barely turned on the tv, checked my phone, or used my computer.  but even after saying all that, i'm still kind of embarrassed.  the red sox played a game yesterday afternoon, and i never even knew it was happening until it was already over.  that's so out of character for me that i actually remember the last time it happened.  it was a saturday in july 2002, when a game scheduled for 7 pm was moved up to 1 pm.  wow.  i'm still kind of in shock.  i gotta refocus and get my head back in the game. 

on another note, if you'd told me 2 days ago that pedroia and varitek were going to hit back to back home runs out of the 4 and 5 spots in the order, i'm pretty sure i would not have believed you.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'll write something real again soon, i promise

this is it for today.  but really, can you blame me?  also the water looks a lot more tropical and way greener in real life than it turned out in this picture.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

nothing much today

i'm on the vineyard.  the sun just came out.  i'm going to the beach.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LA dodgers still owe marquis grissom $2,700,000

the dodgers filed for bankruptcy today.  i don't know much about business, but owing 2.7 million dollars to a guy who last played on your team ten years ago can't be a good sign.  he hasn't even played in the majors since 2005.  and on the left is his 1990 rookie card that i had when i was 12 years old. 

also the 21 mil they owe manny probably doesn't help either.

Monday, June 27, 2011

i know i've said this before, but this gonzalez guy can hit

last week he went 15-31.  his WORST game in the last 7 days: 2-4, 0 RBI and 0 runs scored.  15 hits in 7 games!  he just keeps raking...

i just changed some things

the old links on my facebook page won't work anymore.  rather than have each entry link to it's own web page, i want to have the links send you directly to the main page.  that way in theory people will keep reading beyond just the entry they click on.  hopefully this is better.  we'll see.  i may change it back.  also all those links from "recycle sunday" yesterday don't work anymore either.  but the stuff is still there.  here's the link again to the ipads as restaurant menus blog.  i'd do the rest over again too, but it's 6:26 in the morning and i have been messing with this since i got home from work 4 hours ago.  the sun is in my eyes.  i gotta go to sleep.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

recycle sunday. old blogs that i like.

i have been getting a lot fewer hits lately, especially on weekends.  so today there is nothing knew.  just links to some of my favorite older posts:

- the numbers don't lie, lebron was really bad in the nba finals.

- how is it that nobody remembers that ray lewis might be a murderer?

- i do not recommend getting chicken from dominos.

- this trick ensures that you never lose at sports gambling.

- i'm not sure we're quite ready for restaurant menus that are ipads.

- i don't understand, why do people think beer is better if it's made somewhere else?

- can somebody explain to me why european tourists love squirrels?

- i think all you need to play in the NBA is to make sure you're at least 7 feet tall.

this ended up taking just as long as writing a normal entry.  damn.

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