Saturday, October 15, 2011


In an exhibition game the other day:

Yeah, I know this has been all over the internet and espn for the past few days.  Whatever, I'm not about breaking news.  So far I don't really miss the NBA, but I do kinda miss Rondo.

Remember this?

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Most Interesting Cat in the World

I have vague childhood memories of reading (or having read to me) the Puss In Boots story.  But is that something kids today know about?  I get the feeling there are way too many other entertainment options out there now besides Mother Goose fairy tales.  But then you have to wonder, is this even really a kids movie?  The commercials make it seem like the target audience is 30-45 year old men.  How many kids care about Dos Equis Beer, Wrangler Jeans, and Old Spice?  Maybe they are going after the dads.  Pretty witty and impressive marketing though.

I definitely like the cat better than Brett Favre.

This one is even better when you watch these two back to back.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why do people care so much about Tim Tebow?

Before the season started, one of the big debates was whether or not Tim Tebow could be a successful quarterback in the NFL.  And now that he's been announced as the Bronco's starter, it's dominating the news all over again.  Well all the discussion can stop right now, because I have the definitive answer: Who cares.

You know how many NFL teams run out crappy inconsistent and unproven QB's each week?  Like half of them!  I'm not even sure if the Dolphins know who their starter is this week.  So why is the Tebow situation in Denver such a big deal?  Is it cause he loves Jesus?  Does that make him super popular to large masses of the American public that I don't know or understand?  Personally I find the fact that he aired an anti-abortion commercial during the Superbowl pretty weird and disturbing.

But since I'm already on the subject, I might as well weigh in.  Yeah it's a small sample, but for his career in the NFL Tebow has completed only 45 of 92 pass attempts.  My gut feeling is that a completion rate of under 50% isn't going to get him very far.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Justin Timberlake movie "In Time" looks awesome, but I bet it's not.

I absolutely LOVE the premise of this movie.  Time as currency?  Buying a cup of coffee cost 4 minutes of your life?  There are endless possibilities and cool things that could be done with this concept.  And that is exactly what's going to ruin it.  48 seconds into the trailer this flick already has way too much on it's plate.  Instead of being a movie, I wish "In Time" was a new series debuting on HBO or AMC.  Then it could delve into all kinds of potential plot lines and character development without having to wrap everything up in 2 hours or less.  As it is, I'm guessing the filmmakers ran out of time themselves, and the movie falls way short of it's potential.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wes Welker could be having the greatest season ever by a Wide Receiver

I've met Wes Welker a couple times.  He's a tiny dude.  Kind of looks like he should be playing back up point guard for Duke or something.  Definitely NOT a guy who might break NFL records for wide receivers. But right now he's on pace to.  Yeah it's only been 5 games, but that is almost a third of the season. So far he's got 45 catches.  The next highest in the league is only 32.  His current average of 9 a game would give him 144 receptions for the season, one more than the record Marvin Harrison set in 2002 with 143.

Wes also leads the NFL with 740 receiving yards through 5 games, 131 more than the next best.  Yeah, it is almost impossible that he'll keep averaging 148 yards a game (a pace for an absurd 2,320 for the season).  But even if he only averages 101 yards per game the rest of the way, he'll still break Jerry Rice's record of 1,848 receiving yards in 1995.

Finally, Welker's got 5 touchdown catches so far this season.  Averaging one a game isn't going to break Randy Moss' record 23 in 2007, but if he finishes with 16 or more it will put his season in the all time top ten for TD catches.  Combine that with the most receptions and/or receiving yards ever in a season, and it might well be the greatest year any wide receiver ever had.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Is it really October?

I took these pics at State Beach yesterday.  The rocks are tiny but I'm trying to make them look big, like at Gay Head.

And yeah I know this blog sucks, but it was another amazing beach day in OCTOBER.  At least it's something.  Not bad for Columbus Day.

Sun on one side of the island. Moon on the other.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beach or Football?

Ok, admittedly this would be a MUCH harder choice if the Pats-Jets game was at 1 pm instead of 4 pm.  But when you wake up in Boston and it's 80 degrees out in mid October, and you have the option to flee to South Beach in Edgartown, I think you gotta do it.  I can be on the beach with a radio by early afternoon, get several good hours in, and still be in front of a TV for the 2nd half, no problem.

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