Saturday, August 25, 2012

I don't think blowing it up is the way to go

I may be the only person in Boston who isn't excited about this deal.  I think it stems from the fact that I wasn't actually that down on the Red Sox in the first place.  Is it possible that the current clubhouse is an absolute mess, and the roster was in need of a major shakeup?  Yes.  But you know what?  Adrian Gonzalez is a really good player.  So is Carl Crawford.  And we forget that even public enemy #1, Josh Beckett, was an All-Star; last year.  What if the lack of success this season actually has nothing to do with fielding a squad full of overpaid unlikable players?

Crawford and Gonzalez are too good to give up on.
What if it's just bad luck?  The Red Sox have put 25 players on the disabled list this season, the most for any MLB team since 1987.  At 60-66 they still have a run differential of +28.  By comparison the Wild Card leading Orioles (68-57) are -52 for the season.  Those numbers indicate the two teams could easily be flip flopped in the standings.  And despite all the injuries to the offense, the Sox have still managed to score the second most runs (615, Texas has 645) in the American League.  If the pitching had been just a little better, we'd be looking at whole different situation right now.

I keep hearing about the 250+ million dollars Boston will now save.  This isn't the NBA.  Getting rid of big contracts doesn't make you better.  I don't imagine the Sox ownership is having any sort of financial troubles.  They can go out and sign whoever they like, regardless of what the current payroll is.

To me this trade feels like a bit of a panic move by the Red Sox, a dramatic change made to get the angry media and fans off their back (something they didn't do last winter).  Even though I had recently given up any hope for this season, I still thought they would definitely be a contender next year.  Now I'm not so sure.

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Nintendo Power" is no more

The first ever issue of "Nintendo Power"
It was announced the other day that at the end of this year, Nintendo Power will cease publication.  I have to be honest, I kind of assumed that magazine went out of business about 20 years ago.  I feel as if magazines in general are mostly a dead technology, and the type of people who play video games seem a lot more likely to get their info from the magical interweb than something that only comes once a month in the mail.   But I guess that's why it's finally shutting down.

 When I was eleven, Nintendo Power was amazing.  In fact, I liked it so much that a couple of my friends and I created our own version using "Print Shop" on an Apple IIGS.  We called it "N.E.S. News," and I think we even managed to sell a few copies to some other kids in school for about 35 cents each.  I was our treasurer, and I kept our finances in a Pringles Potato Chips can.  There is also a very good chance that when our reign of publication came to an end (after either 2 or 3 issues, I can't remember) I embezzled all of that money from my two buddies, somewhere in the ballpark of 6 or 7 dollars.  I feel a little guilty.

Moving on, this clip is pretty cool.  I actually remember all of the covers for the first 35 seconds or so.  I must have stopped renewing my subscription in 1990...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, sometimes it means Bartolo Colon used steroids.

There's no way this guy should still be in the big leagues at 39. 
A week ago I wrote a post suggesting that we probably should have seen Melky Cabrera's steroid suspension coming.  There was a clear spike in his numbers at the beginning of last season.  Yesterday Bartolo Colon received the same 50 game suspension from MLB for illegal testosterone use.  But in this case, I did see it coming.  Coincidently (?) also at the beginning of last season.  Here's my reaction from last May (5/31/11) to Colon's surprisingly successful return to the majors.

First Melky, then Bartolo, who's next?  Jose Bautista?  David Ortiz?  Derek Jeter (gasp)?  I'm kind of hoping we get more and more of these suspensions as the season unfolds; it'll be complete chaos.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "Centerfold" by the J. Geils Band

This is the oldest song that I recall actually being aware of while it was popular.  Centerfold was released in September of 1981, and became a number one hit in the winter/spring of 1982.  I had no idea who the J. Geils Band was.  I obviously had no clue what the lyrics were, or what the song was about.  I didn't know what it was called; and I can't tell you where or how I heard it.  But I have a vivid memory of myself and my best friend at 4 or 5 years old, building with wooden blocks in my bedroom, and singing the "Na-nah, na-na-na-nah" part of the chorus.  And I just discovered right now that they are from Worcester, MA.  Awesome.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Olympic Sprinter on the Patriots?

Can this guy really play in the NFL? 
Last week the Pats signed free agent Jeff Demps, a former University of Florida Gator and member of the USA silver medal winning 4 X 100 meter relay team.  He'll practice for the first time tomorrow.  My question is this: if a guy is a serious NFL prospect, and he literally has "world class speed," how does he go undrafted?  Obviously there is much more to playing football than running fast.  You have to put on pads, stop, start, change direction, and accelerate quickly; not to mention sustain bone jarring hits from very large men.

At Florida Demps returned some kicks, caught a few passes, and was a part time running back as well.  But can he actually do any of those things well enough to play for the Pats?  I hope he makes the New England roster, and if he does it could be a great story to follow.  But, my guess is he won't make much of an impact.  Scouts say he has average hands, and he is definitely undersized (5'8" and 185 pounds or so) for an NFL running back.  At Florida his yards per carry dropped each year (from 7.8 as a freshman to 5.8 as a senior), plus he hasn't done anything football related since the Gators bowl game last January 2nd.  And now he's got less than two weeks to try land himself a spot on the Patriots.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Unlikeable Red Sox?

Carl Crawford appears to be done for the year.
So the Red Sox are extremely disappointing at the moment, and everyone is pretty much sick of them; which is totally understandable.  In fact if you read my latest post for CLNSRadio, you'll find that it looks like they're basically giving up and shutting down Carl Crawford for the rest of the season.  I don't blame anyone for not wanting to watch anymore; I have to write about them and I'm barely even paying any attention at this point.

But, the thing that's funny to me is how often I keep hearing the word "unlikable" used to describe them, Josh Beckett in particular.  I'm fairly certain he was just as big a jerk back in 2007 when he looked like one of the greatest postseason pitchers ever.  The only reason people care now is because he gets lit up for about 6 earned runs every time he takes the mound.  There's nothing any more or less likable about the guys on this year's team than any others in the past.  The only difference is that we think they should be winning and they're not.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is this guy my doppelganger?

A few of my friends saw this Lowe's commercial, and said that this guy looks exactly like me:

In the past I have also been told I look like Chris Martin from Coldplay, and the wrestler "Triple H."  What do you think?
Triple H

Chris Martin
Admittedly, if you don't know me this blog isn't very good.  In that case just go read my previous entry regarding dopplegangers, I think it's pretty funny.


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