Saturday, December 19, 2015

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate

The British group Hot Chocolate released You Sexy Thing in 1975.  It reached No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard pop charts in 1976.

Whenever I hear this song the first thing that comes to mind is The Fully Monty (if you don't know what that is, think "earlier more comical version Magic Mike"), which I have a hard time believing is already 18 years old.

Multiple sources insist the film is from 1997 though, so I guess that's the case...

Friday, December 18, 2015

This wireless headphones ad makes perfect sense, + it reminds me of my favorite board game

This JBL wireless headphones commercial is dead-on.  Quick sidebar to explain why: I've never owned a cell phone case because I just don't drop my phone, so what's the point.  However, on the maybe four occasions that I have, probably three of them were because I had headphones plugged into it and the wire got caught on something.

Also, the premise of the ad reminds me of Mouse Trap, potentially the greatest board game of all time:

I knew Mouse Trap was old, but until I found this clip I had no idea it was black-and-white old.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Patriots fans, will you root for the Giants to end another perfect season? (so Carolina doesn't go 16-0)

There's a team over in the NFC that is currently 13-0.  In their last four games, the Panthers have put up 44, 33, 41 and 38 points.  They seem to be getting better as the season goes on.

I'm not worried that Carolina being 13-0 makes them a threat to New England winning the Super Bowl (if the Patriots get there, whoever they play will be a threat--neither of those Giants teams they lost to were very good, and the Rams team they beat was amazing).

I am, however, worried that Carolina being 13-0 means they'll probably be 16-0, and that bugs me.  I take a little Pats-fan pride in having the only 16-0 regular season in NFL history.  So what if they didn't end up winning it all?  It's still a record I don't want to see touched.

The funny thing is, we're going to have to root for those freaking New York Giants this weekend to end Carolina's winning streak.  After that, the Panthers visit the Falcons (losers of six straight who Cam Newton and Co. just waxed 38-0) and host the 6-8 Buccaneers.

So go ahead Eli*, ruin another perfect season.

*Of course, the nightmare scenario still exists where the 6-7 Giants win their pathetic division, somehow knock off everybody in the NFC playoffs and defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl for a third time...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Which smells worse, the trash or the bag?

OK, garbage definitely doesn't smell good, but I'm convinced that whatever they're using in these bags to cover up the stench releases a toxic chemical into the air that gives me a headache.

Also, I swear there's some sort of residue on the bag that gets all over my hands when I take it out of the box and put it in the can.  Then my hands are contaminated with that same toxic chemical.

The irony of all this is that they are labelled "fresh scent."

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are they really going to reuse Bill Pullman's speech verbatim in Independence Day 2?

Yes, it's a spectacular movie scene.  But, you can't just recycle a 20-year old speech and play it off like it's naturally happening again.  The people are never go to buy that, and the alien invasion is totally going to be successful the second time around because the citizens of Earth just won't be as hyped up to defend themselves as they were the first time.

So, memo to Independence Day Resurgence, hopefully the speech is either just in the trailer, or when they recycle it in the movie they reference its first time around and incorporate that into the plot in a way that makes sense.  I'm extremely skeptical though.

Also, in case you're interested, here's the ID2 trailer mashed up with the new Star Wars trailer.  Pretty cool:

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's been 15 years since another AFC East team had a better record than the Patriots

This 2014 pic is too good not to bring back.
The Patriots won their 11th game of the season Sunday, their worst-case scenario is now 11-5.  If the Jets win out, their best-case scenario is 11-5.

Back in 2000, the year before Tom Brady took over (and the first under Bill Belichick), New England went 5-11.  In each of the 15 seasons since, the Patriots have had the best record in the AFC East.  They're also the only team in the league to post a winning record every year in that time.  This will be the Pats' 13th division title in those 15 seasons.

In the the two years New England wasn't division champs, it still tied for first place:

- 2002, 9-7, three-way tie with Jets and Dolphins
- 2008, 11-5, tied with Miami (the Matt Cassel season in which the Patriots became the first 11-5 team ever not to make the playoffs)

A decade-and-a-half of AFC East dominance.

Thanks Brady/Belichick.

Here are the previous versions of this post, which has become an annual thing on 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Play the "Real or Fake College Football Bowl Game" game

I sent out a bunch of tweets, some with actual bowl names and some that I made up.  Here are the poll results:













Real - A,C,E,F,G,I,J,L
Fake - B,D,H,K

Also, the St. Petersburg Bowl is real, but it's no longer sponsored by bitcoin.

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