Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Buffalo Wild Wings ad really irks me.

The idea for this blog has been sitting in my "drafts" section since last march, when Buffalo Wild Wings ran non-stop commercials during the NCAA tournament.  And now that they have brought back this football ad from last year, I can't take it anymore.

The concept of their ads is that Buffalo Wild Wings is so amazing a place to be that people will root for the game they are watching to go on forever, just so the don't have to leave.  This bothers me both as a sports fan, and as a human being.  When the game ends, why can't you just watch the next one?  Or the endless Sportcenter episodes that air all night?  And why do you have to leave the bar when the game is over?  For that matter, if there is a certain time you're supposed to be home, why are you magically allowed to be late if "the game" is still going?

But the part that really irritates me is the fact they think it's conceivable that sports fans in a bar might ever care more about how long the game goes, than whether or not their team wins.  As someone who I assume fits their target audience, it's pretty insulting.  Unless they are marketing towards people who don't care about sports, then maybe it's funny.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Rihanna song has got some terrible lyrics, but I love it

"Got a drink on my mind and my mind on my money" - ok, Snoop Dog.

"Got my Ray-Bans on and I'm feeling hella cool tonight" - isn't the 5 minutes already up on using the word "hella"?

And my favorite line "It's getting Coyote Ugly up in here, no Tyra" - enough said.

But seriously I love this video.  I love the beginning with the crowd chanting and building the excitement.  I love Rihanna's outfit on stage.  I love when it shows her being casual, dancing in the trailer, drinking at the bar, and eating the coconut.  I love the hook with Avril.  And most of all I love the part towards the end where the music cuts out and there's just people singing along (I'm pretty sure they're sitting around a bonfire at the beach).  If you listen closely you can hear the ocean in the background, which makes it even more awesome.  EVERYTHING is better when you can hear the ocean in the background.  And then when the music cuts back in it gets you extra pumped.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I bought Red Sox playoff tickets yesterday

The hot topic amongst the local sports media this week has been whether or not people should even want the Sox to make the playoffs.  The theory is that they're so bad at the moment they have no chance if they do get in.  Honestly, that's one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.  Momentum in baseball is nothing.  Remember the 2007 Colorado Rockies?  They won 21 of 22 games, including all 7 playoff games going into the World Series.  And do you know what happened next?  They got swept by Boston.  Yes, the Red Sox are playing terribly RIGHT NOW.  But that trend is just as likely to end tomorrow as it is to keep going.  If the broken bat and ball don't get to Scutaro at the same time; if McDonald doesn't lose that ball in the sun in left; if that Ortiz shot by the Pesky pole is correctly called fair; if Reddick doesn't misplay that line drive to right; and finally if Aviles isn't called out on that non double play last night; if any of those things had happened differently we might not think the sky is falling right now.  If the Sox hang on and get in they have just as good a shot as anybody else.  I bought playoff tickets yesterday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm not letting go of summer just yet

Even though I worked till 3 am last night, I still made the 8 am bus to Woods Hole this morning for the first time all year.  It's 72 degrees and mostly sunny in Edgartown right now.  I just took this on the boat ride over.  Beach time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guess who's the worst QB in the AFC East so far?

Ok, I have to admit that I am using fantasy points as my frame of reference, so there is a reasonable argument to be made that my analysis is wrong.  But on the other hand, fantasy scoring is what it is because it's a fairly accurate representation of a players performance.  So far this season it's no surprise that Tom Brady has been the best QB in the AFC East, in fact he's been the best player in football at any position with 62 points through 2 games in an ESPN standard scoring system (on a slight tangent, amazingly the 2 best tight ends in ALL OF FOOTBALL have been Brady's two targets Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, with 34 and 28 pts respectively).

Now here's where it gets interesting.  The second best QB in the AFC East has easily been Harvard alum Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills, His 46 pts ranks him 5th best among NFL QB's.  Just two slots behind him is former Michigan Wolverine Chad Henne of the Dolphins, with 43 pts that rank him as the 7th best QB in football.  After that if, you go WAY down the list, coming in tied for 15th in the league among QB's, is the Jets Mark Sanchez with 30 pts.

Yes, it's only been two games.  Yes it's a very small sample.  Yes, i'm using fantasy scoring (although ANY stats you use would have Brady and Fitzpatrick way ahead of Sanchez, but it is debatable whether or not he's been worse than Henne) which is by definition not real.  But I maintain an argument that I have been saying for a while now.  The Jets have been a good team the past two years in spite of Mark Sanchez, not because of him.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Remember the Ground Round? That place ruled.

I saw a commercial for Uno's the other day that advertised "kids eat free with purchase of an adult entree."  It reminded me of when I was a child and my family used to occasionally eat at the "Ground Round."  The Ground Round was pretty much the coolest thing going for a kid 25 years ago.  They had free popcorn, a clown that came to your table, and there were always cartoons being played on a giant screen in the dining room.  But the thing I remember the most (and the reason the Uno's ad reminded me of this) was that at the Ground Round kids payed what they weighed; a penny per pound.  Growing up, my sisters and I were probably some of the skinniest kids on the planet.  I bet there was a time in the late 1980's when all 3 of us ate there for less than a dollar combined.

Allegedly the Ground Round still exists, at least it does according to their website.  I'm sure it's been at least a decade since I've seen one though.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I need a lucidsportsfan logo

So if this blog is ever going to become huge and famous, I'm definitely going to need a logo.  Something simple and recognizable to put at the top of the website, on my twitter profile, on the facebook fan page, and eventually on the t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and coffee mugs.  And especially for the people who are going to want to get lucidsportsfan tattoos.  Have any good ideas?  The best I have come up with yet is a baseball cap with "LSF" on it.  But that seems kind of predictable.  Somehow it's also got to represent the "other stuff i care about," like random 90's pop culture, logical thinking, and wearing hoodies and flip flops.  Hmm, that's gonna be tough.  Seriously though, I want some ideas in the comments section, on facebook, or on the twitter.

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