Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Buffalo Wild Wings ad really irks me.

The idea for this blog has been sitting in my "drafts" section since last march, when Buffalo Wild Wings ran non-stop commercials during the NCAA tournament.  And now that they have brought back this football ad from last year, I can't take it anymore.

The concept of their ads is that Buffalo Wild Wings is so amazing a place to be that people will root for the game they are watching to go on forever, just so the don't have to leave.  This bothers me both as a sports fan, and as a human being.  When the game ends, why can't you just watch the next one?  Or the endless Sportcenter episodes that air all night?  And why do you have to leave the bar when the game is over?  For that matter, if there is a certain time you're supposed to be home, why are you magically allowed to be late if "the game" is still going?

But the part that really irritates me is the fact they think it's conceivable that sports fans in a bar might ever care more about how long the game goes, than whether or not their team wins.  As someone who I assume fits their target audience, it's pretty insulting.  Unless they are marketing towards people who don't care about sports, then maybe it's funny.

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