Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is the Wharf Pub over?

The Wharf Pub in Edgartown, MA on Martha's Vineyard is easily the bar I have spent more time at (that I haven't worked in) than any other.  In fact I've probably drank as many beers in there as I have in all other bars put together.  It was always the standard go to for young summer people.  But now I think that may be changing.  I had this idea back on Memorial Day weekend when the Shanty and the Atlantic (the two other hot spots in town) were both more crowded on that Sunday night.  My theory was supported again on the 4th of July.

So, I believe it's possible the Wharf is no longer the top choice of where the kids want to go.  And given the fact that I am not a kid anymore, I think it's a nice development.  The last few years I have mostly been afraid of the hot sweaty crowded mess that is the back room in July and August.  Maybe in the near future it will again be safe to venture down there.

Another sign that the times are changing is the fact that they took away all the old pictures of bar regulars that were hanging in the men's room.  This I'm kind of sad about, but oh well.   I realize this blog has a very narrow audience, but on the other hand I think those 18 people or so that fit the cross section of " readers" and "people who loved the Wharf in the early 2000's" will enjoy it immensely.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Here's why Team USA 2012 actually is better than the "Dream Team"

A few weeks ago Kobe Bryant said he thought this year's Team USA Basketball would beat the 1992 "Dream Team."  It sparked much debate.  And now Lebron James has said the same thing.

Common perception is that the '92 team would win for two reasons: It had Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever live; and the current team has far inferior centers (Tyson Chandler and college kid Anthony Davis) than Patrick Ewing and David Robinson.  I loved the 1992 team.  When I was 15 years old, watching Charles Barkley dunk all over helpless Angolans in the Olympics was one of the coolest sports things I'd ever seen.  They were (and probably always will be) the greatest collection of basketball talent ever assembled; for their time period.

I hate the fact that I have to agree with Lebron, but if you could somehow put the '92 guys exactly as there were then in a gym today with the current Team USA, the new guys definitely would win.  NBA players are bigger, faster, and stronger than they were 20 years ago.  They have better nutrition, better training/workout programs, and better medical science keeping them healthy.

In 1992 the world record in the hundred meter dash was held by Carl Lewis; 9.86 seconds.  It's now only 9.58 seconds (Usain Bolt).   Twenty years ago Matt Bionde held the swimming record for fastest 100 meter freestyle at 48.42 seconds.  Now some guy named Amaury Leveaux has done it in 44.94.  And finally the world record for the marathon in 1992 was 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 5 seconds.  Today it is 2 minutes and 27 seconds less than that.

The greatest athletes in the world are just better at what they do now than they were two decades ago.  Why should basketball be the exception?  Remember this old Scottie Pippen commercial?  I used to think that was what would happen if you put him in the 1950's NBA with the likes of Bob Cousy.  Well guess what Scottie, this time you'd be in black and white.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Imagine if they sold beer in 2 liter bottles?

A few weeks ago I was packing a cooler full of beers to spend the day at the beach on the 4th of July, and a thought occurred to me: Why can you only buy beer in such small containers?  Obviously I know it's the law, but why?  Imagine if you could buy 2 liter bottles of beer.  It'd be great for the beach.  You just pack a couple bottles and a few solo cups, and you're all set.  It would also be especially helpful come cleanup time.  Nobody likes rounding up all the cans at the end of the day while you're trying to carry all your other stuff back to the car.

Or how about if you're going to a dinner party?  What should we bring?  A six pack?  Nah, how about one two liter bottle.  Then if somebody you don't know very well wants to try your new fancy micro-brew, you can just pour them a little bit, instead of wasting a whole 12 ounces on them.  Or for the youngins, imagine playing drinking games with large plastic bottles.  How much easier would it be to fill up all the cups on a beruit table from one bottle, instead of having to open can after can?

Or even if you're just at home by yourself and want a little beer after work.  Grab your bottle out of the fridge, pour however much you like, then screw the cap back on and put it back.  Plus it'd be great for the environment; think of all the wasted packaging that could be eliminated?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Houston Astros may get demoted to AAA

Biggest name left on the Astros?
This afternoon I was watching the SVP Show (which by the way is my favorite of all the day time espn shows) on espnnews, and baseball analyst/expert/ guy-who-really-does-know-what-he's-talking-about Buster Olney was being interviewed.  Olney mentioned something that didn't seem possible to me: the highest paid Houston Astro left from their opening day roster is Jed Lowrie.  That's right, the former Red Sox utility infielder, who's making all of $1.15 million this season (which would rank him 19th among Boston's players if he was still here).

The Astros are in the midst of an 8 game losing streak, and own an MLB worst 34-64 record.  They just shipped out their highest profile pitcher, Wandy Rodriguez (who's making $10.5 million), for a bunch of no names to the low budget Pittsburgh Pirates, if you can believe that; who for the first time in about 20 years are actually buyers as the trade deadline approaches (they're currently 54-42 and leading the N.L. Wild Card race).

It was the 3rd major payroll dumping trade Houston has made this month, (Carlos Lee's $19 million salary to Miami, and J.A. Happ and Brandon Lyon, $7.85 million combined to Toronto) while receiving what Olney describes as mostly "C- prospects" in return. He compared their current state and apparent ownership philosophy to that of the fictional Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League (which by the way is one of the all time great sports movies, and probably worthy of several other blogs on it's own.  "This guy here is dead.  Cross him off then!").

Also I have to mention that I do love those terrible retro uniforms (see above pic), even though it brings back bad memories of the 1986 playoffs (before the Red Sox gave the World Series to the Mets, New York beat a Houston squad in the NLCS that wore those jerseys).


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "All I Want" by Toad the Wet Sprocket

What a great name this band had. According to wikipedia, it's from a Monty Python skit.  Their album Fear was pretty excellent as well.  In 1992 I used to play it on my disc man all the time while I was going to bed.  All I Want was the song that made them famous, and it was also the tenth track on the CD; If I was still awake when it came on I knew I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep.  Oh, and that's the picture from the album cover in case you don't recognize it.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Have you seen the "My Bed Space" diagram?

I saw this on facebook the other day.  I want to make it very clear that I am NOT (repeat NOT) posting it in regards to any one person in particular.  I think it's just one of those inevitabilities of life; like loud cell phone talkers and movies that are never as good as the trailers make you think they are.  But I'm at a complete loss with this one.  I have no idea why it's the way things have to be.

If any females out there have any insight, please give it!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'll miss you, Greg Stiemsma

Some day many years from now I'm going to wear my #54 Celtics t-shirt to a game, and I'm sure it will generate a lot of confused looks.  "Stiemsma?  Who the heck is that?"  He had a nice run here for a few months; from complete obscurity, to training camp surprise, to short term shot blocking machine and big awkward white guy fan favorite, a la Brian Scalabrine.

But now he's moved on to Minnesota, a good home for the former Wisconsin Badger.  The C's were quick to replace him, adding veteran back up center Jason Collins.   You can read my post about that on and on  And if you really want to treat yourself, take a look at what I just wrote for "Blue Jays Give Sox Nightmares."  Ugh.  On a more positive note, here's a slightly updated and hopefully improved version of the new logo.  Vote in the poll and leave comments about what you think.


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