Thursday, July 26, 2012

Imagine if they sold beer in 2 liter bottles?

A few weeks ago I was packing a cooler full of beers to spend the day at the beach on the 4th of July, and a thought occurred to me: Why can you only buy beer in such small containers?  Obviously I know it's the law, but why?  Imagine if you could buy 2 liter bottles of beer.  It'd be great for the beach.  You just pack a couple bottles and a few solo cups, and you're all set.  It would also be especially helpful come cleanup time.  Nobody likes rounding up all the cans at the end of the day while you're trying to carry all your other stuff back to the car.

Or how about if you're going to a dinner party?  What should we bring?  A six pack?  Nah, how about one two liter bottle.  Then if somebody you don't know very well wants to try your new fancy micro-brew, you can just pour them a little bit, instead of wasting a whole 12 ounces on them.  Or for the youngins, imagine playing drinking games with large plastic bottles.  How much easier would it be to fill up all the cups on a beruit table from one bottle, instead of having to open can after can?

Or even if you're just at home by yourself and want a little beer after work.  Grab your bottle out of the fridge, pour however much you like, then screw the cap back on and put it back.  Plus it'd be great for the environment; think of all the wasted packaging that could be eliminated?


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