Saturday, July 30, 2011

Philly is stepping on New York's toes

Yesterday the Phillies traded for Hunter Pence (who is awesome, trust me, he's on my fantasy team), and the Eagles signed a defensive back (who honestly was pretty insignificant on the Raiders) that, if you believe the hype, was the top free agent on the market and the key to winning the Superbowl.  Not to mention a guy named Vince Young who's had some success playing football before.  So the point is this: both Philly teams went out and got guys to put themselves in good position to compete for titles.  They look to be some of the stiffest competition for a couple other favorites, the Red Sox and Patriots.  Jealous New York?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sportscenter commercials rule

Apparently this one is a couple years old, but I never saw it until yesterday:

Which reminds me of this one with Scott Boras:

And leads nicely to this one:

This blog could go on forever.  Sooooo many to choose from.  I can't leave out Manny:

And finally, in honor of the newest Patriot:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think the NFL lockout was the least siginificant MAJOR news story that I can remember

It's pretty funny to me how excited people were the other day to hear that "football was back."  I've got news for you: it never went anywhere.  For 136 days most major media outlets continually reported on something that wasn't really news at all.  All 136 of those days took place during what people in the know like to refer to as "the offseason."  I'm pretty sure nobody was expecting the NFL to play any games this past May, June, and July.  The final end result of the lockout was one pre-season game cancelled.  Not one week of games missed; one game.  And last I checked the biggest complaint from season ticket holders was having to buy tickets to meaningless exhibition games anyway.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I just found my own blog by coincidence on Google Search

I was at the beach all day today, it was almost dark when I got home.  My plan was to just post a pic and say "no blog today."  But my cell phone died before I took any, and the one I got my friend to take and then text to me isn't so great:
So I thought I'd just fake it and pull something up to use off of Google images.  And what did I find?  The picture I took and used in my blog two weeks ago.  Awesome.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brett Favre makes bid to regain the title of "most dislikable athlete on the planet"

Sometime around a year ago (before this blog existed and before I had jumped on the twitter bandwagon) I remember posting as my facebook status: "Who's worse, Lebron or Favre?"  It got a lot of responses in both directions.  But in the past year James took a commanding lead over Favre in dislikability.  Favre was seemingly drifting away into retirement, while Lebron was busy doing everything douchey Lebron does, and choking away the NBA Finals.  But now all of a sudden Favre is trying to get himself back in the race.  For whatever reason ESPN spent a good amount of time yesterday speculating about his 14th un-retirement, and that he may become the Eagles backup QB.  Brett the Diva has managed to put himself back in the spotlight.  Lebron may have to step on the face of the next kid he dunks on playing knockout.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jim Beam introduces new "Pucker" vodka for kids

It's actually been out for a couple months, but I just saw an ad for it for the first time last week.  I did a little bit of research, and I discovered that Pucker Vodka, from Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc., comes in 4 flavors: Sour Apple Sass, Grape Gone Wild, Cherry Tease, and Citrus Squeeze (all their photos and press releases list them in that order; kids like rhymes).  The bottles look like chapsticks my sisters had when they were about 8 years old.  My guess is though the target audience is females a little older than that.  Probably ages 13-17, the ones who will want to drink "Grape Gone Wild" while aspiring to someday be on "Girls Gone Wild."  Strangely enough though, when you go to the official Pucker Vodka website they tell you that you must be of legal drinking age to enjoy it.  You are required to type in a birth date in order to view the page, so they definitely are not marketing it to anyone too young to count backwards from 21.

Two more things: one, I can't wait to see how outraged my mom is by this.  And two, I've got a feeling this may be my most popular blog yet.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

You'll never believe which two MVP candidates have almost identical statistics.

This should blow your mind a little bit:

           Player A:      Player B:

AB            397          398
Hits           136          127
Runs           68            73
Doubles      30            26
Triples          3              2
HR             17            16

Player A is Adrian Gonzalez.  No surprise.

Player B is Jacoby Ellsbury.  Mind Blown.

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