Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brett Favre makes bid to regain the title of "most dislikable athlete on the planet"

Sometime around a year ago (before this blog existed and before I had jumped on the twitter bandwagon) I remember posting as my facebook status: "Who's worse, Lebron or Favre?"  It got a lot of responses in both directions.  But in the past year James took a commanding lead over Favre in dislikability.  Favre was seemingly drifting away into retirement, while Lebron was busy doing everything douchey Lebron does, and choking away the NBA Finals.  But now all of a sudden Favre is trying to get himself back in the race.  For whatever reason ESPN spent a good amount of time yesterday speculating about his 14th un-retirement, and that he may become the Eagles backup QB.  Brett the Diva has managed to put himself back in the spotlight.  Lebron may have to step on the face of the next kid he dunks on playing knockout.

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