Monday, July 25, 2011

Jim Beam introduces new "Pucker" vodka for kids

It's actually been out for a couple months, but I just saw an ad for it for the first time last week.  I did a little bit of research, and I discovered that Pucker Vodka, from Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc., comes in 4 flavors: Sour Apple Sass, Grape Gone Wild, Cherry Tease, and Citrus Squeeze (all their photos and press releases list them in that order; kids like rhymes).  The bottles look like chapsticks my sisters had when they were about 8 years old.  My guess is though the target audience is females a little older than that.  Probably ages 13-17, the ones who will want to drink "Grape Gone Wild" while aspiring to someday be on "Girls Gone Wild."  Strangely enough though, when you go to the official Pucker Vodka website they tell you that you must be of legal drinking age to enjoy it.  You are required to type in a birth date in order to view the page, so they definitely are not marketing it to anyone too young to count backwards from 21.

Two more things: one, I can't wait to see how outraged my mom is by this.  And two, I've got a feeling this may be my most popular blog yet.

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  1. Yup. I am outraged. This really is pathetic - and, they sound pretty gross, too!!


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