Saturday, April 30, 2016

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "Dammit" by Blink 182

Dammit, off of their 1997 album Dude Ranch, was the hit that put Blink 182 on the mainstream pop-music map.

Two years later, they really blew up with Enema of the State.  That album's What's My Age Again is probably my favorite Blink song, in part because of the lyric "Nobody likes you when you're 23," which was how old I was when the single came out.

However, Dammit is a very close second and earns the nod for getting the ball rolling.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Will tonight be Paul Pierce's last NBA game? (my ode to 'The Truth' compilation blog)

Without Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the Clippers are a beaten basketball team.  There's a very good chance their season ends in Game 6 of their first-round series tonight in Portland.  Coming off a scoreless 0-for-3 performance in just 10 minutes of play (despite starting) in Game 5, Paul Pierce appears to be at the end of the line of his Hall-of-Fame career.

In case this is the last time we ever see "The Truth" on an NBA basketball court, here's my ode-to-Paul-Pierce compilation blog (unfortunately I didn't start writing on the internet until 2011, so that's as far back as it goes):

 Clipper Paul Pierce reps Celtics' green in "I hate you Kobe" commercial

Wolves' owner says Garnett wants to play one more year, does that mean Pierce will too?

Video: 14 years ago Paul Pierce scored 46 points in the second half of OT win in New Jersey

Video: The greatest 4th-quarter comeback in NBA playoff history

Paul Pierce's place among the all-time NBA three-point leaders

Pierce signs autograph for Celtics fan, from the bench, while his game is still going on

Where will 'The Truth' finish on the All-Time scoring list?

Awesome Old Movie Clip of the Week: 'You can't handle The Truth!'

Pierce 18th player in NBA history to score 25,000 points

I was crazy not to rank Paul Pierce as one of the five greatest Celtics of all-time

An unbelieveable night at the Garden for Pierce and KG's return

Get ready for "Paul Pierce's Sports Bar and Grille" to open by the Garden in 2023?

Celtics buy full-page ad in the Globe thanking Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Did the TD Garden PA announcer ruin Pierce's last moment in a Celtics uniform?

Old man Paul Pierce still triple-doubling

Pierce just did something unseen since Michael Jordan

Paul Pierce's 40-point game at age 35 is even more impressive than you think

Another reason you gotta love Paul Pierce

I'm at a loss for words (pictured)

Man, Celtics-Knicks games are nuts!

Right now the hottest team in the NBA plays in Boston

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's NFL draft day, and I couldn't care less

No, it's not because the Patriots had their first-round pick taken away (although that doesn't help).  And no, it's not because I'll be at the TD Garden tonight for Celtics-Hawks Game 6, which could be the end of the C's season (but that doesn't help either).

The reason I don't care about the NFL draft is because nobody has any idea which players will actually be good or not, and every year at this time I get incredibly sick of people taking about it.  It seems silly to me to get excited (or annoyed) about guys now, I'd rather just wait and see how they turn out down the road.

If you're interested in reading more of my totally uneducated philosophy on the NFL draft, here it is:

If I ran an NFL franchise, I'd pretty much only draft quarterbacks

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Would you wait in line for a free* (or maybe not) Sacramento Kings tattoo?

The Sacramento Kings just unveiled a series of new logos (above), with the primary one closely resembling an old logo they abandoned two decades ago (right).  As a promotion, the Kings decided to offer a limited number of free tattoos to people willing to ink themselves with the team's new emblem.

A limited number?

How many people did the Kings expect to show up?  We're talking about a ballclub who's most notable players of the last 45 years are Chris Webber and Mitch Richmond.  Come on Kings!  You're an NBA franchise with a net worth of nearly $1 billion, can't you shell out for all 40 fans who actually want a tattoo?  And I'm not exaggerating with the number 40--according to the Sacramento Bee, that's how many people were in line at one of the five tattoo shops participating in the promotion.

The Kings paid for the first 15, which at 140 bucks apiece adds up to a grand total of $2,100.  Via the Bee, the tattoo parlor owner gave discounts to the rest in line and charged them each only $60.  At $80 per for 25 people, that's a $2,000 discount, almost the same amount of money as the Kings paid.  I'm guessing the tattoo shop is worth a tad less than $1 billion.

In the spirit of full disclosure, if the Kings did the same thing at all five shops they spent a total of $10,500, but still...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Did I jinx the entire NBA playoffs?

After the Steph Curry news broke yesterday (that he'll be out a minimum of two weeks, maybe more), I sent this tweet as a joke:

Then last night, Chris Paul (pictured, CP3 for non-NBA people) broke his hand.  Yikes.  The soon-to-be two-time MVP and another top 10 player (arguably the game's two best point guards) injured on back-to-back days.  If Paul Millsap or Demar DeRozan goes down tonight we'll know I'm responsible for some sort of voodoo black magic.  Bill Simmons will try to take the credit/blame though, but he didn't jump on board until after Paul got hurt.

Monday, April 25, 2016

In other news, Celtics and Red Sox set to take over Atlanta at the same time

I can't write about deflategate today.  I just can't.  I'm annoyed with myself for even using that stupid word that isn't even a word.  Maybe I'll feel differently in the days ahead, but who knows.  Instead, how about this great coincidence involving Boston's two active major pro sports teams:

The Sox take the field tonight vs. the Braves at Turner Field at 7:10 pm.  They'll be back at it tomorrow at the same time.  Eighty minutes later, the Celtics will tip off against the Hawks at Philips Arena at 8:30 pm.

In my head, the two teams shared a flight down there today with David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia sitting across from Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder telling them about what it means to represent the city of Boston in the playoffs.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pick Jonas Jerebko's Celtics-Hawks Game 3 Highlight - A: The Dunk, B: The Assist, or C: The Buzzer Beater

In his first start in over three years, Jonas Jerebko scored 11 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and tied a career-best with four assists in a team-high 36:55 of playing time during the Celtics 111-103 Game 3 win over the Hawks.  Jerebko also gave us a trio of highlight-reel plays:

A: The Dunk

B: The Assist

C: The Buzzer Beater

Expect Jonas to once again be in Brad Stevens' starting lineup tonight for Game 4.

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