Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm at a loss for words

Dwayne Wade had 27 points.  Lebron James had 30.  The Heat had their home crowd dressed all in white behind them.  Miami out rebounded Boston 49-39.  Paul Pierce shot 6-19.  Ray Allen made just 2 of 9 field goal attempts.  And Rajon Rondo hit only 3 of the 15 shots he put up.  Yet somehow the Celtics won their third straight game in this series.

What the Celtics are doing now goes way beyond being tough, savy, ageless veterans with unquestionable heart and desire.  It defies all logic and reason.  I don't know how else to describe it.  I'm speechless.


  1. Speechless, but HAPPY!

  2. There actually is logic at work, Lucid.
    The C's shot better and committed fewer turnovers.
    Though this may help explain the game, the team defies all logic, huh?


  3. This team is doing something special and will be remembered for a long time by the fans. Let's hope we can enjoy it for another two weeks after this series ends.

  4. Abacus like you said, my "defies all logic and reason" comment was more about their collective success than Game 5 in particular. Thanks for reading!


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