Saturday, June 11, 2011

i'm pretty sure i inspired the red sox

on may 13 the red sox were 17-20, tied for last place in the amercian league east and about to open up a 3 game series in new york.  that afternoon i wrote this: 

basically it just says it was time to get their butts in gear and stop messing around.  well they swept the yankees in the bronx that weekend, and again 3 weeks later.  and since that day the sox are 20-6.  they're now in first place with a 2 game lead on the rest of the american league, and only half a game behind philly for the best record in baseball.  so you're welcome, boston.

Friday, June 10, 2011

allegedly the sox swept the yankees in the bronx again last night, but there aren't any witnesses to confirm

i got home at about 1 am and turned on the game as i got in bed.  it was totally bizarre to listen to the broadcast. there was no noise.  none. it felt like watching a high school game on a local cable access channel.   but apparently there were actual major league players on the field, and some things did happen.  the 8 years ago version of david ortiz lit up the yankees again.  beckett beat sabathia for the 3rd straight time this season.  and the sox are now 6-0 in the bronx this year, something that hasn't happened in 100 years.

and yeah, i know the real story was in dallas last night.  but i don't want to jinx anything by saying stuff before it's over.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

thanks for visiting boston, come back anytime!

i watch a LOT of sports news in the day time, and all i have heard about for the past 2 months is that home ice isn't a big deal in the NHL playoffs.  12-1 in two games?  it sure looks like it matters to the bruins.  8 goals on cam neely night.  4 goals on bobby orr night.  how about larry bird night for game 6?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

are they serious with this "green lantern" movie?

everything about this movie looks like a comedy, right down to the fact that it is starring ryan reynolds.  it reminds me of "mars attacks" but also with jar jar binks from the new star wars.  over and over i see the commercials on tv, and i keep waiting for them to be funny.  but they're not.  do they really think they can pull off a serious movie that looks so ridiculous?  and wasn't "the green hornet" just in theaters like a month ago?  i do like blake lively though, my favorite gossip girl.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

well that game was fun to watch

i've said before i'm not a big hockey guy.  and i've followed this NHL post-season with a mild interest.  i feel like it's kind of disrespectful to the real fans to suddenly act like i love the bruins.  and the fact that the whole city is jumping on the bandwagon has only made me more hesitant to really get into it.  but i will say this, brad marchand has come into my restaurant a bunch of times, and he seems like a pretty good dude.  when he scored that ridiculous pass to himself off the boards short handed goal, i jumped up and yelled at the tv for the first time this whole playoffs.  and now i'm all in.  i can't wait for game 4. 

i kind of wish they hadn't piled on all those goals at the end though, that usually has a way of coming back to haunt you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

reverse wave?!? also gonzalez is a beast.

i went to the game at fenway yesterday.  about halfway through a wave started up in the bleachers, no big deal.  except that it went counterclockwise.  i've been to a lot of games, and seen a lot of waves, but i have never before seen it start in the bleachers and go left.

my seat was by the foul pole in right, pretty close to where adrian gonzalez's 4th inning home run landed.  when i saw it leave the bat it looked like a lazy opposite field pop up on a defensive swing.  and then it carried and carried and the next thing i knew it dropped down over the monster.  in most parks it's probably a routine fly out to left.  he may be the absolute perfect hitter for fenway.  look at how he's holding the bat, it just looks so effortless.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

what kind of shirt do i wear with my sweet linen pants?

every summer i see people in linen pants; on the vineyard, at weddings, on vacation in costa rica, etc.  and i always think to myself "man, they must be having an awesome time in those."  so yesterday i finally bought myself some.  but my question is, what shirt do i wear with them?  obviously it can't be white.  i do NOT want to look like every dumbass at miami heat games.

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