Sunday, June 5, 2011

what kind of shirt do i wear with my sweet linen pants?

every summer i see people in linen pants; on the vineyard, at weddings, on vacation in costa rica, etc.  and i always think to myself "man, they must be having an awesome time in those."  so yesterday i finally bought myself some.  but my question is, what shirt do i wear with them?  obviously it can't be white.  i do NOT want to look like every dumbass at miami heat games.

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  1. Oh Deuser. You can wear white. If you wear a t-shirt it has to be a v-neck. If you wear a crew neck you just look like you're wearing pajamas. The consensus seems to be short sleeve button up. Crazy Hawaiian patterns make it seem like you're trying to hard to have a great time. Keep it simple


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