Monday, June 6, 2011

reverse wave?!? also gonzalez is a beast.

i went to the game at fenway yesterday.  about halfway through a wave started up in the bleachers, no big deal.  except that it went counterclockwise.  i've been to a lot of games, and seen a lot of waves, but i have never before seen it start in the bleachers and go left.

my seat was by the foul pole in right, pretty close to where adrian gonzalez's 4th inning home run landed.  when i saw it leave the bat it looked like a lazy opposite field pop up on a defensive swing.  and then it carried and carried and the next thing i knew it dropped down over the monster.  in most parks it's probably a routine fly out to left.  he may be the absolute perfect hitter for fenway.  look at how he's holding the bat, it just looks so effortless.

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