Saturday, June 4, 2011

nadal vs federer, again. really?

i don't follow pro tennis like i used to, back when i played all the time and taught it for a living.  but i still have a casual interest and pay it a little bit of attention.  having said that, i thought the days of federer/nadal grand slam finals were over.  the last time they played each other in a slam final was in australia over 2 years ago.  the first final they played in was exactly 5 years ago at the 2006 french open (also the first time dallas and miami played in the NBA finals.  totally irrelevant, but i think mildly interesting).  they then made the next 3 and a half years of men's tennis pretty boring by playing each other in 7 grand slam finals from '06-'09.  and now here they are, back again in the french open final.

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