Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Public Service Announcement about "Skinny Girl" drinks

i work in a bar that serves a LOT of tequila.  and more and more often i've been getting orders for "skinny girl" margaritas.  it's the same thing, just with lime juice and soda water instead of sour mix.  a few weeks ago a girl told me that the reason for this is because of some lady named bethenny frankel who was on "the real housewives of new york city."  apparently she's become famous for "inventing" a number of lower calorie alcoholic drinks.  now here's the point of this blog: 

there are calories in alcohol.  a lot of calories.  just a straight shot of vodka or any average liquor has about 100 of them.  the thing that makes light beer light is that it has less alcohol.  regular bud is 5% alcohol.  bud light is only 4.2%.  mich ultra is 4.1%.  mgd 64 is 2.8%.  and bud select 55 is only 2.4% alcohol. 

so sorry "skinny girl" drink drinkers, the only way to actually avoid the calories is to take out the booze.

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