Monday, May 30, 2011

i'm thinking of betting a lot of money on the heat

it's been about 7 years since the peak of yankee hatred, so i probably don't quite remember exactly how much i despised them pre-2004.  but having said that, i think this year's miami heat is one team i can't stand to see win more than any other in the history of sports.  i am certain that lebron is my all time most disliked athlete.  so the question is, how much money would i be willing to pay to guarantee they lose to dallas?  $100?  definitely.  $200?  i think so.  i'm going to stop there before i freak my mom out in case she reads this.  so if i bet that much money on miami to win, then at least there's a silver lining if they do, right?  is there any reason why i shouldn't?  and if this sounds familiar at all it's because i just wrote about it not that long ago:

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