Saturday, May 4, 2013

Did the TD Garden PA announcer ruin Paul Pierce's final moment as a Celtic?

I haven't fully wrapped my head around what happened at the Garden last night yet.  Later on I'll read the stories about the game, and probably watch my DVR recording of the 20-0 run in the 4th quarter.  But for right now I just want to talk about the events of the final minute.

There's a good chance that may have been the last time Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, or both ever wear a Boston Celtics uniform.  With 18 seconds remaining Garnett was subbed out, and received a standing ovation.  But just 9 seconds before that Pierce was taken out of the game as well.  For some odd reason though the PA broadcaster failed to announce this to the crowd.  The Garden fans were unaware that Pierce was heading to the bench, and because of this there were no cheers.  I really hope this was not Pierce's final moment as a Celtic, but if it was it's sad and disappointing that the announcer missed it.


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