Monday, April 29, 2013

It's mind boggling that Tim Tebow was bigger news than Jason Collins today

On the day that the first ever athlete in the history of major American pro sports came out of the closet and said he's gay, somehow the bigger news story was the release of a backup NFL quarterback with a 47.9 career completion percentage.  Here's the front page of this afternoon:

In addition to being the top headline, Tim Tebow is also pictured as the featured image on the left.  I'm not just blaming ESPN, Yahoo and other news outlets did the same thing.  And it's not like the Tebow story was already up and the Jason Collins news was just breaking; I first heard about Collins around 11 am, and took this picture just before 2 pm.  One of the most ground breaking and transcending stories in sports history was deemed of less interest than Tebow.  His magic is unexplainable.


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