Thursday, April 28, 2011

the NFL draft is finally here! and then we can stop talking about it

i watch a lot of espn and espn2 in the day time before i go to work.  and for weeks and weeks they've been talking about the NFL draft, more and more as this day has gotten closer.  and each year it gets worse than the year before.  more in depth analysis.  more interviews with "experts."  more of my former spider classmate todd mcshay talking about which guys are moving up and down his draft board.  what i don't get is why people want to hear all this?  if you look at the history of the draft some high picks do well, and some flop.  sometimes you get jamarcus russell #1 overall, and sometimes you get tom brady in the 6th round.  nobody knows who's going to be great and who's going to be out of the league in 2 years.  but the media talks and talks and talks about as if they know exactly what each guy is going to do.  well guess what, they don't, and it's a huge waste of time. 

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