Monday, April 25, 2011

sweep x 2

i have no data to support this, but my guess is the sox and celtics have never simultaneously closed out 4 games sweeps on the road before. 

RED SOX:   i've run out of things to say about the starting pitchers, now at an absurd streak of just 7 runs allowed the past 9 games.  for everybody who was panicking ten days ago, they have an identical record through 21 games as last year (10-11), and are just 1.5 out of the wild card.

CELTICS:   not many people would have guessed they'd be the first team through to round 2.  i can't wait for all the media love they'll get the next couple days while the heat, bulls, lakers, and spurs struggle on.  the celtics do need to work on their free throw shooting though, ray allen shot a surprising 65% (17-26) from the line for the series.  oh no wait, that was the 3-point line.

and i know the heat will beat philly, but i love this stat.  for those who can't add good, that's 1-19.  it's hard to be too afraid of a team that shoots 5% with the game on the line.

("can't add good" was a joke/zoolander reference.  i think in may have been a little too subtle though...)

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