Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hockey plays game 7's on no days rest???

i tend to be of the opinion that hockey is a notch (maybe 2) below the other 3 major sports, both in terms of interest level and overall relevance.  in my mind, since half the teams make the playoffs and seeding hardly matters, there's no good reason to pay much attention during the regular season.  i do love to jump on the bandwagon come playoff time though.  having said that, the fact that the bruins and canadians travel back to boston and play game 7 tonight without a days rest pretty much sums up the NHL's level of significance.  enormous television contracts basically dictate the playoff schedules for the other 3 sports, but this hockey series had to be adjusted to accommodate a lady gaga concert.  even in montreal, which last i checked was part of canada, where i thought hockey was a pretty big deal.

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