Friday, April 29, 2011

ipad restaurant menus

i went to a new restaurant the other day and asked to see their tequila list.  the bartender handed me an ipad.  now i like to think i'm reasonably tech savvy.  i have a fancy 4G droid phone, and i understand how ipads work.  but as far as menu's go, i thought it kind of sucked.  so if i wasn't a fan, i can't imagine how somebody's grandmother would react to it.  the problem is it's just way too involved.  when i look at a tequila list i want to be able to glance over everything, see the prices, and pick one i like.  instead i had to click on a few different things to get to tequilas, then i had to click on each category, then i had to click on each specific one in order to find out the price.  it took forever.  if you want to sit for half an hour before you order and have a full page of information available for every possible item, then this is for you.  i suppose it's not the ipad's fault though, just the way that they set it up.

the other issue is, how can they not lose them?  how can a large busy indoor/outdoor waterfront restaurant hand out menus that are worth $400 each?  drunk people will drop them.  angry people will try to take them.  disgruntled employees will steal them.  this may be the wave of the future, but i don't think we're there yet.  the place has been open less than 2 weeks.  my guess is the ipad menus don't last 2 months.

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