Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Would you wait in line for a free* (or maybe not) Sacramento Kings tattoo?

The Sacramento Kings just unveiled a series of new logos (above), with the primary one closely resembling an old logo they abandoned two decades ago (right).  As a promotion, the Kings decided to offer a limited number of free tattoos to people willing to ink themselves with the team's new emblem.

A limited number?

How many people did the Kings expect to show up?  We're talking about a ballclub who's most notable players of the last 45 years are Chris Webber and Mitch Richmond.  Come on Kings!  You're an NBA franchise with a net worth of nearly $1 billion, can't you shell out for all 40 fans who actually want a tattoo?  And I'm not exaggerating with the number 40--according to the Sacramento Bee, that's how many people were in line at one of the five tattoo shops participating in the promotion.

The Kings paid for the first 15, which at 140 bucks apiece adds up to a grand total of $2,100.  Via the Bee, the tattoo parlor owner gave discounts to the rest in line and charged them each only $60.  At $80 per for 25 people, that's a $2,000 discount, almost the same amount of money as the Kings paid.  I'm guessing the tattoo shop is worth a tad less than $1 billion.

In the spirit of full disclosure, if the Kings did the same thing at all five shops they spent a total of $10,500, but still...

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