Saturday, May 10, 2014

If I ran an NFL franchise, I'd pretty much only draft quarterbacks

Before the NFL draft started I made it abundantly clear that it is not something that interests me.  When the Patriots took Eastern Illiniois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round yesterday, here was my reaction:

Not Janeane Garofalo...
But in all honesty, I love that pick.  And not because I like the guy (I know nothing about him), but because I think drafting QB's is always a good idea.  If I was in charge of an NFL team, unless I had a superstar quarterback in his prime (which Tom Brady is definitely past) I think I'd take several QB's every year.

Last season just about every key defensive player on New England got hurt, and so did half of their offense.  But guess what, Brady didn't, and the Pats still got to the conference championship game.

The Broncos traded for Peyton Manning, and instantly became the class of the AFC.

Greatness at quarterback is a million times more valuable than any other position.  Even if you drafted a star running back, wide receiver, safety and linebacker, it still wouldn't come close to what it could do for your team if you found the next Brady or Manning.  Isn't the best way to ensure you get that guy to draft as many QB's as possible year after year?  

Although there was that season that Brady got hurt and the Matt Cassel Patriots went 11-5.  Hmm, maybe teams should use all their picks on finding the next Bill Belichick...

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