Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Andrew Bynum should be next on Adam Silver's "banned from the NBA for life" list

The Indiana Pacers announced today that Andrew Bynum is done for the year, and will not be with the team for the remainder of the playoffs.  Bynum's "sore knees" limited him to just two games and 36 minutes of action with Indiana.  His $1 million contract will end up paying him just under $28,000 per minute.  Back when the Pacers signed Bynum on February 1st I wrote a blog entitled "It's infuriating that yet another NBA team is going to pay Andrew Bynum to play basketball."  It included the following quote:

"The Pacers are suckers. Only bad things can come from this. When you have the best record in the NBA, why on earth would you add a potential cancer to your team? There's speculation that Indiana may have signed Bynum just to keep him from going to Miami, who doesn't have much in the way of centers to compete with Pacers All-Star Roy Hibbert in an all but guaranteed Eastern Conference Finals series this spring. If that's the case, Indy shouldn't even allow Bynum to show up; just tell him to go home and forget about playing basketball. He'd probably be much happier that way anyway. 
As his last duty as NBA commissioner David Stern (who retired today, exactly 30 years after getting the job) should have forced Bynum to call it quits as well."

Well, Indiana has finally realized making Bynum go away is the best move.  Unfortunately the Pacers are three months too late on this, and he may have already ruined them.  Now that new league commissioner Adam Silver has gotten his feet wet at banning people for life, he should set his sights on Bynum next.


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