Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paul Pierce and Star Wars Inspired Awesome(?) Old Song of the Week

What do you think the odds would have been in Vegas on betting "Paul Pierce Game 7 walk-off block" as the way for the Nets/Raptors series to end?

In an effort to incorporate Pierce's unusual late game heroics into my "Awesome Old Song of the Week" feature, I looked up the Billboard #1 single when he was born in October of 1977.  It just so happens that it was a disco version of the Star Wars theme song, entitled "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band" by a group called Meco.

The funny thing about this is that today is considered "Star Wars Day" by fans of the genre, because "May the fourth" sounds like "may the force (be with you)."



  1. If Hue Hollins was reffing this he would've called a foul on Pierce lol

    1. I thought for sure they were going to whistle KG when he jumped out on D


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