Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is the Wharf Pub over?

The Wharf Pub in Edgartown, MA on Martha's Vineyard is easily the bar I have spent more time at (that I haven't worked in) than any other.  In fact I've probably drank as many beers in there as I have in all other bars put together.  It was always the standard go to for young summer people.  But now I think that may be changing.  I had this idea back on Memorial Day weekend when the Shanty and the Atlantic (the two other hot spots in town) were both more crowded on that Sunday night.  My theory was supported again on the 4th of July.

So, I believe it's possible the Wharf is no longer the top choice of where the kids want to go.  And given the fact that I am not a kid anymore, I think it's a nice development.  The last few years I have mostly been afraid of the hot sweaty crowded mess that is the back room in July and August.  Maybe in the near future it will again be safe to venture down there.

Another sign that the times are changing is the fact that they took away all the old pictures of bar regulars that were hanging in the men's room.  This I'm kind of sad about, but oh well.   I realize this blog has a very narrow audience, but on the other hand I think those 18 people or so that fit the cross section of " readers" and "people who loved the Wharf in the early 2000's" will enjoy it immensely.


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