Sunday, July 29, 2012

People are not pleased with my "Dream Team" analysis

1992 Larry Bird
My post from two days ago has not been well received in the world of facebook and twitter.  It's definitely generated some of the most responses/backlash of anything I've ever written.  I love it; it means people are reading.   It also inspired the second best rant comment ever left on this site (to read it click where it says "1 comment" below the post), behind the guy who was mad at me for thinking soccer is never going to make it in the U.S. (on a slight tangent, the single best comment I have ever gotten is the girl from the Gamefly comercials telling me she actually does play video games).

In response to everyone, I would like to say 2 things: One, I don't want this year's team to be better, I just think it's a fact of the times.  If the fake game actually could take place I would root like crazy for the '92 guys.  And two, let me make a more extreme example.  Check out some of this Bob Cousy video, particularly what he says at the :40 second mark.

"What I was doing 30 years ago now every 12 year old is doing in every schoolyard in the country."
I don't think many people would argue with me that today's team would beat the the top players in the NBA from the 1950's.  Now obviously the gap in time to 1992 is much smaller, but the principle is still the same.  I believe it's still long enough to make a difference, and the world's best now have got to be a little better than the world's best 20 years ago, even if it is just a tiny fraction of a percentage.


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