Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The annoying thing about watching "On Demand"

I love the "On Demand" feature that comes with cable television.  There is no way I would ever get HBO or Showtime without it.  And it makes me not worry about forgetting to set the DVR for Breaking Bad or Justified.  "On Demand" has already played a huge roll in the death of video rental stores, and it may ultimately contribute to the downfall of movie theaters as well.  But there is one thing about it that is so incredibly irritating:

You sit down to watch a few hours of Game of Thrones, Homeland, Girls, or The Newsroom.  You go through all the options and select the episode you left off on, then sit back and enjoy it.  It ends, and you want another.  But rather then being able to click on the next one, you find yourself back at this screen and forced to start all over.

I know they do this to ensure you watch a little more of their commercials in the upper right corner while you have to make all the same selections again, and man is that annoying.

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