Thursday, December 17, 2015

Patriots fans, will you root for the Giants to end another perfect season? (so Carolina doesn't go 16-0)

There's a team over in the NFC that is currently 13-0.  In their last four games, the Panthers have put up 44, 33, 41 and 38 points.  They seem to be getting better as the season goes on.

I'm not worried that Carolina being 13-0 makes them a threat to New England winning the Super Bowl (if the Patriots get there, whoever they play will be a threat--neither of those Giants teams they lost to were very good, and the Rams team they beat was amazing).

I am, however, worried that Carolina being 13-0 means they'll probably be 16-0, and that bugs me.  I take a little Pats-fan pride in having the only 16-0 regular season in NFL history.  So what if they didn't end up winning it all?  It's still a record I don't want to see touched.

The funny thing is, we're going to have to root for those freaking New York Giants this weekend to end Carolina's winning streak.  After that, the Panthers visit the Falcons (losers of six straight who Cam Newton and Co. just waxed 38-0) and host the 6-8 Buccaneers.

So go ahead Eli*, ruin another perfect season.

*Of course, the nightmare scenario still exists where the 6-7 Giants win their pathetic division, somehow knock off everybody in the NFC playoffs and defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl for a third time...

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