Sunday, June 26, 2011

recycle sunday. old blogs that i like.

i have been getting a lot fewer hits lately, especially on weekends.  so today there is nothing knew.  just links to some of my favorite older posts:

- the numbers don't lie, lebron was really bad in the nba finals.

- how is it that nobody remembers that ray lewis might be a murderer?

- i do not recommend getting chicken from dominos.

- this trick ensures that you never lose at sports gambling.

- i'm not sure we're quite ready for restaurant menus that are ipads.

- i don't understand, why do people think beer is better if it's made somewhere else?

- can somebody explain to me why european tourists love squirrels?

- i think all you need to play in the NBA is to make sure you're at least 7 feet tall.

this ended up taking just as long as writing a normal entry.  damn.

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