Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Twitter should tell you the "potential reach" of all your retweeted tweets

When I put something up on the LucidSportsFan facebook page, the website tells me how many people have seen each post.  While I realize this would be a very difficult thing for twitter to do (given all the various methods to view it, and how quickly it can be scrolled through), I don't think it would be that hard for the site to include a "potential reach" stat.  At the moment I have 732 followers, so when I send out a tweet the immediate "potential reach" is 732 people.  But each time one gets retweeted that amount increases by the number of people who are following the retweet-er (minus any overlap).

Earlier today I sent out this tweet:

The @NFLRT account has 72,707 followers, so when it retweeted my tweet the "potential reach" immediately jumped from 732 to 73,400 or so.  Since that time (and primarily because of that) 169 other people have also retweeted it.  Obviously I'm not going to go through and look at how many followers each of those 169 people have, but it'd be really cool if twitter automatically did it for me.  Hypothetically if they all averaged roughly 500, that would put my tweet's "potential reach" around 150,000, depending on the number of duplicates.  So memo to twitter: get on this, it'll be awesome.

And if this already exists (I bet there probably is a site somewhere that does it) but I'm just not technologically proficient enough to find it, please let me know.

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