Sunday, January 6, 2013

I've got a great idea for twitter

In my continued effort to spread the LucidSportsFan brand, twitter is by far the tool I use the most.  Having said that, there's one major thing that I think it's lacking.  When you click on the link to everyone you are following (or everyone who follows you), it just shows up as one long list in the order in which they have been most recently added.  This is not useful at all.

What the list needs is a "sort" option.  You should be able to view it alphabetically (by both twitter handle or real name); but even more helpful would be if you could view it by number of followers that each person has.  I'd like to know who are the "most followed" people that follow me.  Viewing those who I follow in this way would also be very convenient for when I tweet my blog out in hopes of gaining more exposure through retweets.  It's not worth it to send it to people with hardly any followers, but if I tweet it at people with too many they'll never even read it.  If I could view the list by follower numbers it would make that significantly easier.

So there you go twitter, it's time to add some sorting options.  And if any non-twitterers decided to read this and have no idea what I'm talking about, sorry if it was boring.  But hey, you only wasted 37 seconds, no big deal.  Also, how perfectly fitting is that picture?  I was amazed when I found it.


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