Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fenway HD

went to the game last night, and for now i'm going to avoid talking about the sox cause it may be time to worry and i don't want to do that.  the new scoreboards are ridiculous though.  amazing.  they also put in new hd tv's all over the place, so you can see the game from pretty much anywhere when you leave your seats.  and they added a row of seats in front of the standing room area on the third base side.  i'm sure hardly anybody noticed that, but it used to be a walkway and people were always stopping and blocking your view.  now it's way easier to see from there.  ever since they put in that section it's been my go to spot if i don't have good seats.  you can see pretty well, and it's the best place in the park to get food, beer, and use the bathroom without waiting in line or missing anything.

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