Saturday, May 7, 2011

my guaranteed way to win at sports gambling

there was a guy sitting at my bar watching the bruins/flyers game last night who apparently bet $150 on the under, which was set at +/- 5.5 total goals.  with 5 minutes left it was 2-1, and he was looking pretty good.  then boston scored, 3-1.  then philly pulled the goalie, and boston scored again, 4-1.  then i watched this guy completely freak out as philly continued to play without a goalie, even though they were down by 3 with a minute left.  the bruins got another empty net goal, making it 5-1, 6 total goals, he loses.  the whole thing was pretty amusing to watch.

which brings me to my point: i know how to win at sports gambling, but it only works in a limited capacity.  you have to bet just on who wins, and only on games where you care a lot about the outcome.  but the strategy is simple.  you bet against your team, and you bet the amount of money you would be willing to pay for them to win.  for example, i'd be willing to pay $100 to guarantee the celtics beat miami tonight.  so if i bet $100 on the heat, it's win win.  either my team wins and i'm happy, or i win the bet as a nice consolation prize.  unfortunately for me i don't care enough about winning the money to actually bet.

oh yeah, and as a side note, how did philly ever even get this far with such terrible goaltending?

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