Monday, May 2, 2011

michael scott vs. fancy wedding in england

ok, so i wrote this on sunday afternoon with the intention of posting it monday morning.  then the bin laden thing happened, and that kinda took the wind out of it.  but i like this blog a lot, and for the first time i've got a poll to go along with a blog entry, so i'm posting it anyway.  so here it is, exactly how i wrote it pre-terrorist assassination day:

depending on who you talk to, there were two MAJOR events that occurred last week within a 12 hour span.  the first was michael gary scott's departure from "the office."  the second was a very expensive english wedding.  both topics dominated my facebook news feed on thursday night/friday morning.  so the question is, which was a bigger deal?  for me it's a no brainer.  "the office" was this decade's "seinfeld," and michael scott was it's leading man.  sometimes i loved him, sometimes i hated him, but i feel like i know him.  the royal family has no actual significance other than being related to people who ruled the country hundreds of years ago.  also, they're in england.  vote for what you think in the poll to the right.

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