Wednesday, May 4, 2011

worst case scenario

i've tried not to think about this, but it's time to face reality and admit there is a possibility the heat and lakers will play in the nba finals.  after some heavy deliberation, i've decided that if it comes to that i'll be forced to root for LA.  it sounds crazy, i know.  especially because the lakers winning would be their 17th title, putting them in a tie with boston for most all time.  but i just can't root for lebron under any circumstances.  ever.  i need him to somehow go his whole career without ever winning a championship.

on another note, what happened to the "hanging on the rim" technical foul call?  lebron had two of these last night that seemed pretty blatant to me.


  1. Great minds think alike. I have maintained my [uneasy] preference for the Lakers over the Heat in that scenario also; and the "hanging on the rim" foul - while BS to begin with - was blatantly overlooked last night.

  2. haha - didn't realize this was my default name.

  3. that photo, should be entitled, "Who's the bigger d-bag".

    And I gotta be honest, I too would root for the Lakers. I would still cringe every time Kobe touched the ball, and scoweled, but I would prefer to see LeBrick be the biggest loser, and have a class organization win the title. Plus, it would set the table for 17 x 17 = 18.

  4. I'm a Mets fan, and have seen two of their division rivals go against the Yankees in the Series. (unless you grow up in or around New York it's hard for most people to understand why Mets fans hate the Yankees more than any of their NL rivals). I thought I could root for the Braves and Phillies in each instance (rooting for the Yankees was never an option). Each time I ended up not watching the World Series and came away loving baseball just a little less than I had before.


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