Friday, May 6, 2011

i think it's ok to walk in front of people taking pictures

on my way to work i often walk past the bull and finch pub, the original "cheers."  now that the weather is nice there is almost always somebody standing in front of the sign, and another person standing on the sidewalk taking their picture (or if i go the other way through the common i walk past the "make way for ducklings" statues, and it's the same situation).  rather than wait, i just keep walking right in between them like i don't even notice.  this is definitely NOT what most people do.  the common assumption is that it's rude, but i don't think it is.  first, everybody uses digital cameras now, so if i mess up the picture they can just take another one 10 seconds later.  it's not like it's gonna waste film or prints or anything.  and second, i'm the one walking on the sidewalk with somewhere to go.  they are the ones leisurely standing around taking pictures.  i'm pretty sure i have the right of way.  if they were standing in the street instead of the sidewalk, do you think cars would politely stop and wait?

also, i realize this is the second blog i have written recently about tourists taking pictures on my walk to work, but i think it's ok cause the main point of each was totally different.


  1. I believe the polite thing to do is pose with them

  2. Remember on Living Room Sunday a couple years back, we walked past the Empire State Building and some Stella-drinker got annoyed at us for walking past them while they tried to get a pic of the building from the sidewalk with a teeny camera? That was stupid because they weren't gonna get the building in, AND they just kind of stopped dead in the sidewalk. Go back to France.

  3. You are right...and as a result, I will conform to the right-of-way.


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