Monday, April 4, 2011

the sox are terrible, the season is already over

so i have watched a lot of espn and read a lot of stuff online today, and one thing is very clear to me.  the red sox are obviously no good this year.  the starting pitchers give up 3.67 home runs a game on average.  you can't win that way.  even though we haven't seen beckett or dice k yet, i am sure that they will be just as bad as the other 3 guys who have pitched once already.  youk is only batting .222, he can't hit anymore.  and crawford isn't even fast like he is supposed to be, he has 0 stolen bases.  not to mention bard, the supposed closer of the future, has an era of 54.00.  how can you even play major league baseball with an era like that?!  the numbers are irrefutable.  159 more games is not enough to fix everything that's wrong with this team.

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  1. please tell me you are not serious? if you are, you sound like every caller on WEEI today. And i want to slap them in the face.


    Red Sox FAITHful.

    or just plain Jeremy.


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