Thursday, April 7, 2011

miami: where 1+1 = a lot less than 2

now that the regular season is almost over, there is some pretty good data to show what i hoped would be the case: lebron and wade together aren't much better than either one on their own.  the heat are 54-24, on pace to go 57-25.  last year the cleveland lebron's went 61-21.  miami last year with no bosh or lebron even went 47-35.  wade and lebron do the same thing.  they play the same way.  their games do not compliment each other at all.  if you took either one of them off this team, it still probably wins 50 games.  if you replaced one of them with a star point guard, rondo, williams, paul, nash, etc. they probably win 65 and are clear title favorites. 

also yes, i am ignoring the lebron/john henry/sox partnership story.  his mom getting arrested is funny though.

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